Be seen by customers at the very moment that they're searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.

PPC Advertising
(Pay Per Click)

PPC Advertising using tools like Google Adwords allows us to display ads to people at the critical time that they are searching for exactly the products or services you offer. So if you own a flower shop in San Francisco, your ad would show up for users searching on Google for "San Francisco flower shops". We can serve your ads with pinpoint accuracy based on geographic area, time of day and a lot more.

How does PPC Advertising Work?

Example of PPC Advertising

Choosing Your Keywords

The idea is simple: We choose certain key phrases that we know people type into Google when looking for a business like yours. Your ads then appear at the top or right side of the results whenever someone performs a search for those terms.

Creating the Ads

Once we have our keywords, it's time to write some ads! There's a lot that goes into developing the text that goes in your ad. Writing compelling text that "gets the click" takes a good bit of know-how. Over time, we've learned to create ad copy that not only gets the click but also results in the desired actions on your website.

Measuring Success

We've chosen our keywords and our ads are being shown in search results. Now it's time to take a close look at what visitors are actually doing once they land on your site. Are they taking the desired actions or are they leaving right away? Knowing what your site visitors do and don't do is the key to measuring success. We monitor your visitors' actions and make any necessary adjustments to get you the most bang for your buck.

What Makes Google Adwords so Powerful?

Reason 1 - Control Your Budget

With Google Adwords you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Also, you decide how much or little you want to spend each month. You'll never be charged more than the amount you specify.

Reason 2 - Conversion Tracking

Unlike with traditional advertising where you pour money into a campaign and never find out exactly how many people were reached or how many sales were generated from it, advertising on Google Adwords allows us to monitor the impact of our efforts. Each month you'll be provided with an ROI Performance Report that details the amount of money, leads or phone calls generated so you can measure your ROI. For some clients we are able measure return on investment down to the penny.

Reason 3 - Pinpoint Targeting

Let's say you offer legal services to the Hispanic immigrant community in the city Chicago and surrounding towns. With Google Adwords we can show your ads only to Spanish speaking users in those geographic areas that are searching on a mobile device. This level of pinpoint targeting means you never waste money showing your ads to people who aren't likely to become customers.

Reason 4 - Reach People at Every Stage of the Buying Funnel

PPC Advertising let's us take users to different pages of your website depending on which stage of the buying funnel they are in. For example: If a customer is still in the research stage, they probably will not convert if we take them to a product page with little text and an add-to-cart button. It would be more useful to direct them to a page that answers their question thoroughly. This ensures that your brand is top of mind by the time they reach the buying stage.

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