Local search is when a person uses a search engine to find businesses near them. Local SEO refers to the techniques used to position a business at the top of these search results.

Our Local SEO Services

If you've ever been with a group of friends wondering where to go for a bite to eat and searched for something like "Gainesville restaurants" on your phone, then you've done a local search. Search engines look at very specific things in order to know which businesses to display for these types of searches. Local SEO services are about leveraging these indicators in order to make your business appear at the top of the results.

Should I Hire a Local SEO Company?
Local SEO Services in Gainesville

For businesses that operate purely online, such as e-commerce stores, Local SEO Marketing might not be a good fit. Businesses like these would probably be better served by traditional SEO. However, if your business has a physical location where you serve your customers or if you offer services only to folks in a specific geographic area, then Local Search Engine Optimization is absolutely vital to standing out among your local competitors.

What We Do

When it comes to Local SEO we take a holistic, multi-pronged approach. Rather than focusing on one or two of the most popular techniques, we cast a wide net and employ multiple optimization efforts such as traditional SEO, reputation management, online listings management, Google, Bing and Yahoo Local account creation/optimization, and much more. By diversifying our approach, we ensure that the search engines are provided with a vast array of consistent signals that help them determine the local nature of your business and place it in a favorable position within the search results.

What's a Local Score?

Just like a credit score lets you know how favorably you're seen in the eyes of banks and lending agencies, a Local Score lets you know how favorably your business is being perceived by potential customers online. Here's how it works: The accuracy of the information posted about your business in the most popular business directories as well as the ratings you're receiving on the major online review sites like Yelp.com are scanned in detail. An analysis of this information is carried out and distilled into an easy to understand Local Score graded from A through F. Knowing your Local Score is paramount to success in the online world of local search.

Find out your business' Local Score using our FREE tool below:

What's Your Local Score?

Enter any business name and zip code and see how optimized it is for local search.

Our Approach to Local SEO

A lot of things go into a successful Local SEO Marketing campaign. Search engines look at things like the amount and quality of your online reviews, the number of citations your business has and the quality of your Google My Business account. Our comprehensive approach may include some or all of the following:

In-depth Site Audit

Every element which affects your site's local SEO ranking is examined including your citations profile, organic SEO, online reputation, site load speed and more. This lays the foundation for the work ahead, helping us define what the goals of the campaign will be and allowing you to hold our feet to the fire.

Competitor Audits

We take a good look at your 3 main competitors' sites and get an idea of the health of their relevant local SEO indicators. What kind of citations have they received? What's the state of their organic SEO? We discover all of the advantages they currently posses and then set out to neutralize them.

Submission to the 5 Major Data Aggregators

Data aggregators distribute a business' information to tons of local search engines and directories. We'll submit your business to Axciom, Infogroup, Localeze, CityGrid & Foursquare increasing your digital footprint and getting you found!

Google, Bing & Yahoo Local

Google, Bing and Yahoo all offer ways of enhancing the information a searcher is shown when doing local searches. Having accurate and consistent business information on all of these pages will do wonders for your local visibility. We create or optimize your accounts on all of these sites.

Reputation Management

Gaining control over the quantity and quality of your online reviews is hard! That's why we created our own Review Advantage; a powerful online tool that helps you increase your positive online reviews while decreasing the negative ones. You'll be proivded with access to your own account. ($200/mo. value)

Directory Submissions

Submitting your business to directory websites increases your pool of citations while making you a more legitimate local force in the eyes of Google. We submit your business to 50+ of the most established search engines, local service sites, and mapping apps on the web including Yelp, CitySearch and ChamberOfCommerce.com.

Enhanced Listings

We don't just post your business' basic info on the directory websites. Rather, we enhance your listings with things like images, hours of operation, maps, featured call to actions, mention of accepted payment methods and more. These factors are key in making your listing attractive and increasing their click-through rate.

Manual Citations

We research the most powerful and effective citation sources taking into account their Domain Authority, whether your competitors are listed on them and other important factors that help you appear above your competition. Each month we'll add your business to a slew of these citation sources.

Social Media

Social Media mentions are gaining ground as ranking factors and proper configuration of social media profiles can also boost SEO. We'll create or enhance accounts for your business at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn and link to them with share buttons from your site.

Niche Directory Submissions

Niche directories for your industry offer the most bang for your citation-buck but they're also hard to find. We dig deep to find the highest quality niche directories and add a steady stream of these each month.

Page Speed Analysis & Optimization

The speed with which your site loads is an important factor that impacts, not just your search engine rankings, but the experience of your site visitors. We'll go through your pages identifying areas for site speed improvement.

Detailed "State of the Campaign" Report

Receive reports detailing the effectiveness of the Local SEO Services being carried out that include things like the amount of citations, social media brand mentions, online reviews, shifts in ranking positions among many others.

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