"Professional and experienced web designers don't build websites. They solve business problems using the web."
- Brian Cray

Web Design in Florida & Beyond

Your website is the central hub of your online presence. Most of our digital marketing efforts will revolve around it. That's why it's important to get this critical piece of the puzzle right. A website not built with the latest in best-practices or optimized for search and conversions is bount to fall short of its goals.

Graphbyte - A Florida Web Design Company

Building a website is not that difficult. You might even have a tech-savvy friend who's built a couple in his or her spare time! Building a website that harnesses the latest technologies, displays correctly on mobile devices, appears in search results and solves the business problems of your organization; well that's a different matter altogether.

At Graphbyte Marketing we pride ourselves on having worked with some of the largest brands in the world like Kraft, AT&T and Energizer. Don't have a big brand budget? No problem. We'll work with you, bringing the same attention to quality at a price that fits your budget.

Why Choose Us?

Brands Graphbyte has helped with digital marketing

Trusted by Major Brands

We've helped brands like AT&T, Kraft, Energizer, Walgreens and many others reach their online marketing goals. These brands trust us because of our commitment to quality and our fast turnaround times. But we're just as proud of the work we've done for small companies like Zen Spa and Target Rent a Car and we'd love to hear about your project too!

Quick Turnaround

It takes us weeks to do what some Florida web design companies do in months. Our small team of specialists will work on separate parts of your project simultaneously to ensure a quick turnaround.

Dedicated Attention

Graphbyte is different from other Florida web design companies in that we only take on one project at a time. That means that when you hire us, you get our undivided attention. Communication is frequent and takes place during all phases of your project.

Payment Plans

Need flexibility when it comes to payment? No problem. We’ll work with you to divide payment into manageable chunks.

24/7/365 Attention and Support (really)

We're available anytime, including weekends and holidays via phone or email.

Our Process

Florida Web Design represented

1. The first thing we do is identify your business objectives. What business goals should the website fulfill? Should we be generating sales, acquiring leads, providing information, raising your perceived brand value or a combination of these?

2. Next comes research. What are other businesses in your vertical doing to achieve some of these goals? What can we learn from them or improve upon? We look closely at the competition to see what's working and what's not.

3. Now comes design and development. You'll be provided with design comps for each of the major sections of your site for approval. We feedback is most welcome during this stage and we work to ensure the design meets your expectations.

4. You are provided with a test version of your site that you can access at any time to monitor progress and make any necessary testing.

5. Google Analytics plays a key role in measuring the success of your website. We lay the groundwork prior to launch setting up conversion goals, custom reports, e-commerce integration and more.

Functionalities we can implement on your site:

  • E-commerce

    Our e-commerce solutions provide you a suite of tools to manage every aspect of your online business. Things like detailed sales reports, automatic shipping and tax calculators, inventory management and much, much more.

  • Responsive web design

    Nowadays people access the web using devices of all sizes and capacities. Responsive web design ensures that your site displays optimally across all devices & platforms.

  • Social Networking

    The web has become a place where people go and share ideas with other people. Social networking tools such as chat rooms, private messaging and user-generated content turn your website into a hub of activity where users go to mingle and interact.

  • Content Editing for Site Admins

    Want the ability to edit your site's content in the future without having to hire us (or anyone else)? No problem. We'll hand you a site that you can modify and provide you the necessary training.

  • Membership Levels

    Want to provide different levels of access and privilege on your site based on paid account settings? Membership levels let you make parts of your site available only to your members.

  • Administrative Access

    Have multiple persons from your organization making updates to different parts of your website. Each permission level has access to its own set of privileges allowing one site administrator to, for example, editorialize blog postings and another be able to make changes to the Contact Us page.

  • Blogs

    It seems that now a days every website has a blog. It makes sense since blogging has become one of the key ways to market your brand and keep your users abreast about industry information. And with comments enabled, your blog becomes a hub of discussion with viral potential.

  • Rich Media

    Broadband technology has made audio and video ubiquitous in today's web. Turn your website into a media-filled destination for those looking for more than just a good read. We've got you covered for everything from video galleries to music playlists.

  • Live Chat

    A chat room can be a great way to allow your site visitors to engage with you and with one another. We'll set you up with a chat solution that you can control.

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