Like street signs or billboards do offline, digital listings ensure that customers who search online find their way to local businesses in person.

Digital Presence Management

Basic listings for your business already exist across the web. Our PowerListings service transform these static sources of information into places that display the compelling, relevant, and up-to-date content that helps mobile consumers choose you.

The Problem...

Information about your business is posted on directory and review websites either by people visiting those sites or by automated robots. This leads to inconsistent or, worse, inaccurate information being published. It's not uncommon for your business to appear with different telephone numbers, addresses, etc. across the Internet.

Besides leading potential customers astray, incorrect information greatly affects your rankings in the search engines (SEO). This is because search engines rely on consistent signals about a businesses' identity when deciding where to place them in the list of search results. Missing or conflicting information hurts your chances of appearing high on the lists. Digital Presence Management helps prevent this.

Our Solution...

We list your business on key publishers.
Digital Listings Management network of publishers

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We've partnered with over 100 global publishers including Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo, and Yelp that reach over 220 million people each month and created PowerListings. Our unique PowerListings service let's you leverage our direct connections to these publishers to ensure your business gets found and chosen by your potential customers.

Enhanced Listings

Your listings will feature things like Mapping Positions, Videos, Business Logo, Unique Call to Action Buttons and more (see full list below). These enhanced listings differentiate your business from the competition and drive measurable results.

Duplicate Suppression

Oftentimes duplicate listings appear for your business and these can cost you time, money, and SEO benefits. Our Digital Presence Management services include Duplicate Suppression to monitor and remove any duplicate listings that may pop up over time.

Get Started!

Your enhanced listings will include: (Hover mouse over items to see details.)

  • Business Logo
  • Events Calendar
  • Products & Services
  • Search Categories
  • Menus
  • Staff Bios
  • Business Hours
  • Holiday Hours
  • Up to 100 Photos
  • Videos
  • Description
  • Maps
  • Featured Message
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Accepted Payment Methods
  • Contact Email
  • Link to website

What's a local score?

Just like a credit score lets you know how favorably you're seen in the eyes of banks and lending agencies, a Local Score lets you know how favorably your business is being perceived by potential customers online. Here's how it works: The accuracy of the information posted about your business in the most popular business directories as well as the ratings you're receiving on the major online review sites like are scanned in detail. An analysis of this information is carried out and distilled into an easy to understand Local Score graded from A through F. Knowing your Local Score is paramount to success in the online world of local search.

Find out your business' Local Score using our FREE tool below:

What's Your Local Score?

Enter any business name and zip code and see how optimized it is for local search.

What will my listing look like?

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Enhanced listings with our Digital Presence Management Services
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