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How to Get More [and Better] Yelp Reviews

Small business owners are increasingly aware of the importance Yelp reviews are for generating new and repeat business. If you're concerned about the quality of your online reputation, now may be the time to focus on understanding how to get Yelp reviews. Recent surveys all stress the importance of having quality online reviews, especially Yelp reviews, as those reviews dramatically impact the buying habits of today's shoppers.

Why Yelp Reviews Are So Important

While Yelp certainly isn't the only site impacting business owners, it's probably one that buyers are looking at and responding to the most. Yelp reports over 6.1 billion views during 2015, suggesting viewers value the content they see and use it to make buying decisions. With that level of site traffic, it seems obvious that negative reviews would tend to drive buyers to competitors with more positive reviews. That simply means your business suffers when negative Yelp reviews dominate your site. At Graphbyte Marketing, we understand the importance of online reputation management. That's why we've created Review Advantage, the Most Complete and Trusted Online Reputation Management Platform on the Market.

Accurate Information Is Critical!

It's imperative that the information posted about your business on your Yelp profile be accurate! For example, restaurants frequently change menu options and prices. If their Yelp page doesn't reflect those changes, customers viewing the site and relying on the information to be accurate are likely to post negative reviews rather than positive ones after visiting the business.

One issue that's plagued business owners is that visitors have been able to modify a Yelp site's content. Obviously, that can create problems for the business if those changes are inaccurate. If you're finding incomplete or innacurate information posted about your business on sites like Yelp you might want to consider digital presence management services in order to ensure that your business data is accurate accross all the major directories. At Graphbyte Marketing, we've developed a unique relationship with Yelp and dozens of other similar sites, allowing us to "lock in" your listing's information, which keeps your information from being altered by anyone in the future. The result? Accurate, up-to-date info that inspires trust in your customers and gets you ranked higher on the search engines.

Steps to Take for a Better Yelp Site

First, it's important to make it easy for your customers to find and use the site.

Yelp's suggestions include:

  • Activating Your Yelp Page. The process is simple, and Yelp has several easy ways for business owners to build a site and include great content.
  • Post a "Find Us On Yelp" sign. Again, Yelp makes this step simple, as they make the necessary signs readily available. Yelp badges are also great incentives for customers to enhance their own online presence, and the Yelp site lists the various badges reviewers can acquire simply by providing online reviews.
  • Respond to Posts. Yelp also recommends business owners routinely respond to reviews, especially any bad ones, as a good response makes it clear the business is responsive to issues and values suggestions.
  • Knowing how to get Yelp reviews is important, but it's just as important to respond to them. If you're unsure how to accomplish that goal effectively, we're here to help.

Our system automates the process of getting Yelp reviews, allowing you to spend more time improving your business and minimizing the amount of time needed to stay on top of online reputation strategies. By paying attention to Yelp's suggestions as well as automating the feedback collection process with tools like Review Advantage, you'll be well on your way to a stellar Online Reputation.

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